[HP – Draco/Harry] Faith Wood – Sealed With a Kiss

Title: Sealed With A Kiss
Author: Faith Wood
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: A Christmassy Hogwarts fic in which Harry is a love bomb, Draco has a plan, Millicent recites sonnets, and everyone misunderstands everything. Wait, that summary sucks, let me try again: Kissy fic filled with kisses. Better? No. Okay.

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This fic is LONG and AWESOME, lol. The idea of Harry being a “walking love bomb” is just so hilarious, and obsessed!Draco wanting to be the one to kiss him, haha.

Draco looked past Pansy at the stone wall, imagining Potter walking around, not knowing he was a kiss away from falling in love. With someone. Anyone. Anyone who decided to kiss him. Some higher power must have loved Draco loads to drop such a glorious opportunity into his lap. He could make Potter love him with a simple kiss. After all these years, Potter would finally be at his mercy. “We can use this knowledge. Somehow.” Draco looked at Pansy. “For Potter’s humiliation,” he added quickly.

Oh Draco, lol. XP

And then of course Harry already got the potion removed from his system (thank goodness for smart friends, haha).

I also loved Millicent! GAH! HER LOVE POEM WAS AWESOME! I kind of died when I read it, haha. And then the Draco and Millicent conversation about item that hums, lol. And then THIS PART:

Draco nodded mutely, staring at Potter’s face. He couldn’t just leave; he had some very important kissing to do. However, Potter stood rigid, his wand in his hand, and his expression, though not unfriendly, wasn’t quite friendly either. He definitely didn’t look like someone who would accept a random kiss kindly. Draco’s gaze fell longingly on Potter’s full lips. One kiss, that was all he needed. Surely, that shouldn’t be so difficult to achieve? Millie had almost succeeded; she had managed to distract Potter by crappy poetry. But she was unhexable and much bigger. He needed to think of something clever.

Draco took a careful step forward.

“Er, is there something on my cheek?” Potter’s hand flew to his face and he tried to brush nonexistent dirt from his skin. Draco would have been embarrassed that Potter caught him staring, but he was too busy having an epiphany. Of course. The good old you-have-something-on-you-cheek-let-me-gently-brush-it-away trick. It was classic. Draco liked classics.

Oh god, Draco and his classics. XP So corny, lol. AND THEN THE KISS! GAH! And of course Draco has to kiss him MULTIPLE times because obviously the potion wasn’t kicking in. XP

I loved how Harry is so eagar afterwards.

“Harry, are you sure you’re not just hoping Malfoy will kiss you again?”

“No-oh,” Harry spluttered. It sounded completely unconvincing to his own ears. “Well, Malfoy is a good kisser,” he said defensively. “And he’s sort of attractive, up close . . . It’s not like I would mind . . .”

Oh Harry, you’re killing me!

Harry took two steps forward, careful not to make a sound. He promised Hermione he would check for traps, so he decided to check out Malfoy and hope that counted as vigilance.


Harry wasn’t listening. Malfoy’s lips captured his attention and held it. He found himself determined to find out whether that kiss had been as enchanting as he thought it was. It had to be verified. Immediately. He had promised Hermione he wouldn’t let Malfoy attack him with kisses again, but he hadn’t promised he wouldn’t be the one doing the attacking.

Harry’s eyelashes fluttered closed as he leaned in and found Malfoy’s lips with his. Malfoy froze and Harry’s heart skipped a beat; he stilled, afraid he had done something stupid. Perhaps Malfoy didn’t want to kiss him again. But before Harry could pull away and apologise, Malfoy’s arms trapped Harry’s body and Malfoy’s tongue slipped past his lips.

Seriously, all these kisses are just to awesome and HOT. And I just love how Harry keeps going to Draco for more and Draco feeling guilty because of the supposed potion and just everything. And then there ws the twist! I loved the twist at the end because I honestly wasn’t expecting it AT ALL and that, despite everything, it all worked out. XP So awesome, haha.

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