[HP – Harry/Draco] Emma Grant – You Say It’s Your Birthday

Title: You Say It’s Your Birthday
Author: Emma Grant
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Harry gets very drunk on his 30th birthday, so drunk that he has no idea what happened that night — except that it somehow involved Draco Malfoy.

Emma Grant’s LJ | The Quidditch Pitch

Oh drunk!Harry, you’re such a dork, haha. I think this was my favorite part:

“You planning to put that thing away before you go back out?” Malfoy said, glancing down at Harry’s exposed bits.

Harry looked down. “Oh. Heh. Nah. Probably not.

Hahahahah! XD

I was positive that nothing happened on Harry’s birthday, so I kinda spent most of the fic having second-hand embarassment for poor Harry, haha. It wasn’t too bad until the part when Harry was like, “Let me make it up to you” or whatever and I was just hit with LOTS of second-hand embarassment. ^_^;; But yes, love the fluff, haha. XP

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