[HP – Draco/Harry] marguerite_26 – Savage

Title: Savage
Author: marguerite_26
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: In a post-war world that lives in fear and ignorance of werewolves, Draco Malfoy has taken every step to keep his condition hidden. When the delicate balance of his life shatters in a single moment, it is Harry Potter alone standing in his defence.


OMG why is this fic so awesome?! The world described in the fic seems plausible after the war
and the characterization is great.

Poor Draco, being so desperate that he didn’t realize he wasn’t taking Wolfsbane — and when we find out that Narcissa is in the house and just knowing what was going to happen.. ;_;

And then there was the dynamic between Harry and Draco!

Draco pressed his nose forward, nuzzling the webbing between Potter’s fingers, scraping against the rough calluses. He rubbed his cheeks up and down the palm and each finger in turn. Potter let him.

The need for more was impossible to ignore. It pulsed through his body with the frantic beat of his heart. He opened his mouth and flat-tongued, he licked Potter’s hand — heel of the palm to tip of the fingers.

Potter gasped, pulled his hand away and stared at it a moment before looking back at Draco. His eyes flickered over Draco’s face as if an answer might be written there.

Draco could smell the musky scent of arousal pouring off him.

“Did you just… mark me?”

Draco’s cheeks burned. But the wolf’s need had been undeniable and now the next time Potter saw Teddy, Teddy would know. Would understand.

Potter’s neck flushed, red creeping from his collar and spreading upwards.


Draco struggled to find the words. “I need to — I want to come on you.”

Potter blinked up at him for a moment and Draco flushed, suddenly realising Potter might think him disgusting. Might say no.

Animalistic!Draco is hot, haha. XP

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[HP - Draco/Harry] marguerite_26 - Savage, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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