[HP – Gen] Maya – Quality of Mercy

Title: Quality of Mercy
Author: Maya
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: Post-HBP fic.


…“Can I remind you, Ron, that Fleur is shortly to become your sister?” she inquired. “Do you really think that underwear is an appropriate gift for your sister? Would you imagine Ginny in edible underwear?”

Ginny filed a very definite protest at this point, Ron went pale green, and Harry, as the only person present who quite fancied the idea of Ginny in edible underwear, avoided everyone’s eyes and stared steadfastly out the window.

Through the window he saw Draco Malfoy.

Harry thought he was a figment of Harry’s imagination for a moment. The thought of Malfoy had been occurring to him at unexpectedly regular intervals all summer, even through the wretched business of the Dursleys and Godric’s Hollow. The suspicions of a year were hard to shake off and sometimes he woke up in Ron’s room and before he was fully awake, he thought Today I’m going to find out what Malfoy’s up to…

Then he would remember that he had found out, and that Malfoy’s orders had been carried out, and the lingering memory of Malfoy’s ashen face would be replaced with the one unbearable image of Dumbledore going over the battlements…

Maya has taken all her fics down since she became a published author.

[UPDATE @ Sept 18, 2009]: I admit, I haven’t finished reading QoM even though it’s been finished for a while. I’m still on chapter 15, from when it was still being posted WIP, but I will eventually get time to re-read from the begin and finish it. XP Until then, I can only say what I know from the first 15 chapters and the few spoilers I’ve seen on the fic. QoM is EPIC-LY LONG and is mostly a genfic, even if there is lots of Harry/Draco overtones. (Sadness because I am H/D all the way and H/G isn’t really appealing to me at all. Hopefully the ending makes it work in a believable way…)

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