[HP – Albus/Scorpius] Cheryl Dyson – Persuasion

Title: Persuasion
Author: Cheryl Dyson
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Albus Severus/Scorpius, all grown up and trying to be Aurors.


I loved Scorpius in this, lol. He was so cute with his crush on Albus and all his denial. XP

Scorpius hovered for a moment, struck by the sight. It wasn’t fair that someone so downright wicked should be so undeniably attractive. Scorpius frowned, trying to negate the foolish idea. Potter’s black hair was far too thick, hanging over his eyes until it was a wonder he could even see. Even now the man jerked his head, flipping the dark bangs away from eyes the colour of… Pond scum, Scorpius told himself sharply. Not emeralds. Not spring leaves. Pond. Scum. Which, admittedly, was still pretty fucking green.

I totally LOL’d at this, especially the pond scum, haha. It totally gave me a flashback to Young Americans, that WB show way back in, like, summer 2000, haha. XP

But yeah.. The tree roots! Albus admiring Scorpius! Scorpius being all sad about Albus possibly having a fiancee, but still letting Albus have his way! And then, afterwards, Albus being all dorky cute while Scorpius is just confused, lol. XD

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