[HP – Harry/Draco] Cheryl Dyson – Paradigm

Title: Paradigm
Author: Cheryl Dyson
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: In my quest to conquer all possible Harry/Draco cliches, I present my Rentboy!Draco fic. *evil smirk* Harry is an Auror and Draco is a Rentboy.


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This fic is AWESOME. I’m not usually fond of rentboy!fics, but I liked this one. XP It’s probably because I guessed pretty early on what Draco was actually doing, so I wasn’t as wary of what was happening. XP

I liked how in the beginning of the fic, Harry stalks Draco when he finds out that he’s a rentboy, but it quickly changes from just a case thing to full-on obsession (because we all know Harry’s obsessed with Draco thanks to HBP!). Poor Harry and his obsession, eventually offering to pay for Draco’s services, haha. I loved how desperate he became, eventually offering 5000 Galleons for a night! Poor obsessed boy, haha, but then, who wouldn’t be obsessed with Draco? XP And then how he just couldn’t get Draco out of his head and wanting more and then later offering to buy him for six months (!!!) and giving him Grimmauld Place and everything. And then Draco, the interior decorator! XD

This fic is too awesome, lol. READ READ READ READ!

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