[HP – Harry/Draco] Faith Wood – Obsession

Title: Obsession
Author: Faith Wood
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Harry worries that there’s something very, very wrong with him because he just can’t stop staring at Draco Malfoy’s arse.

Obsession || PDF

Oh god, Harry obsessing over Draco’s arse (!!!) — what more can I say?!

Perhaps Harry started staring merely out of boredom, or perhaps he was so used to staring at Malfoy he didn’t know how to stop. Either way, Harry stared. He stared when Malfoy was sitting down and he stared when Malfoy was standing up. He especially liked to stare when the classroom turned hot and stuffy and Malfoy took off his outer robe. Underneath he wore a pair of trousers, not as tight as Harry would have liked, but when Malfoy leaned over his cauldron — and Malfoy did that a lot — the curve of his arse was clearly visible, perfectly outlined by the fabric. To Harry’s delight, Malfoy sometimes stretched, raised his elbows in the air and extended his neck, which made his shirt ride up and Harry could see pale skin and a hint of hipbones.

And Harry wondering if it’s possible to be in love with someone’s arse and Harry fingering himself and thinking about Malfoy. *loves*

It took him weeks to figure out that if he licked and wetted his finger before pushing it into his arse, it didn’t hurt so much. It actually felt nice, but still dirty and wrong. Harry’s cheeks flamed in the dark as he wondered what his friends would say if they knew that late at night he liked to push his pyjama bottoms down and stick his fingers into his arse, dragging them out and pushing them back in, bloody fucking himself as he wanked and pretended he was doing all that to Malfoy.


And then, THIS!

“Why don’t you kiss my arse?” Malfoy retorted, the sneer in his tone obvious.

Harry froze and remained rooted to the spot until he heard the door open, signalling Malfoy’s departure. Malfoy’s words were ringing in his ears, echoing and teasing him. He asked, Harry thought crazily, he wants me to do it.

OMG Harry, obsessed much? XP Then the rimming! OMG! And then Harry being embarassed and just so CUTE and I just wanted to squish him! GAH!

Irrationally, he felt the urge to make a confession; to just tell Malfoy the truth, hoping that, somehow, it would make the obsession go away.

“I’m obsessed with your arse,” he said sadly, still looking at Malfoy’s feet.

Seriously, I think this is my favorite part because Harry is just so embarassed about his obsession, but owning up to it to Draco, lol. And then how never realized he could kiss him even though he was obsessed with Draco’s ass so much he kissed that. XP

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