[HP – Harry/Draco] stillaseeker – Not Just Another Cream Bun

Title: Not Just Another Cream Bun
Author: stillaseeker
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: After Eighth Year at Hogwarts, everyone seems to be getting on with their lives in various ways. In Malfoy’s case, this seems to involve a peculiar new shop on Diagon Alley, being stalked by a familiar bespectacled bumpkin and a dashing new apron.

Not Just Another Cream Bun

Oh this fic..! I just love the idea of Luna owning a tea shop that the tea shop is actually super trendy, haha.

Contrary to expectations, Luna’s tea shop is a huge hit with the Wizarding populace. Everyone seems to have taken to the shop’s rather outré air of fantasy, and it’s undeniably chic these days to partake of oddities like periwinkle juice and Humdinger Hamburgers (which Harry is still pretty sure don’t actually exist). Everyone seems to find the shop marvellously creative and original, and it doesn’t hurt that: a) Luna has cleverly located the shop’s entrance next to No. 93, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes (WWW), in the busiest bit of Diagon Alley; b) thanks to an ingenious permanent floor-Portkey, the shop is actually located in Brighton, and customers cannot help but be impressed by its gorgeous sea views merely two steps away from London’s dirty cobblestones; and c) it’s the only place in England where ex-Death Eaters don berets and tiny aprons and serve you tea and fruitcake.

I love the names of the menu items — they were super amazing. And Harry obsessing with Draco’s apron, lol. Also, the idea of Luna, Draco, and Greg work together is just too amazing for words. XP

I think my favorite character in this fic, though, has to be Greg. XD

“Potter. He’s a funny bloke.”

Draco arches a pale eyebrow.

“Well… he does sort of like to… follow you around.”

An odd expression – a cross between horror and unwilling interest – flashes across Draco’s face as Goyle continues, rolling the dough out with a serpent-handled rolling pin.

“I mean… he was there in sixth year. And he did it last year, at school, for a while round New Year, and now here he is, doing it again! It’s like a bad habit, him needing to follow you.” Goyle shakes his head solemnly, before proceeding to cut the purple dough into thin, noodle-like strips.

Oblivious to Draco’s uncharacteristic silence, Goyle continues, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought he fancies you. You know – it’s like how Nott followed Millicent around all last year, making googly eyes.”

Choking back a snort, Draco echoes, rather faintly, “Googly… eyes?”

“Yeah. Potter’s got really googly eyes, don’t you think? Sort of all green and… spacey.” Goyle ponders this for a moment, before dismissing the thought with a shrug that ripples, like a tectonic wave, across his shoulders. “But he doesn’t fancy you, though. Fancies Asians. Saw it in the Prophet.”

Oh Greg! Your insight is awesome, haha. And also the “Saviour turns Gay! Loves Asians!” headline was great, haha.

The flashback reveal was great — I wasn’t really sure what to be expecting on their past relationship, but it definitely gave the beginning of the fic a new dimension. =)

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