[HP – Draco/Harry] Olivia Lupin – Naughty

Title: Naughty
Author: Olivia Lupin
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: A fic in which Harry listens carefully, sees quite a bit, has all sorts of feelings, and doesn’t say One Single Word.

Naughty @ Skyehawke (Taken Down)

Naughty | Nice (Locked, must friend to have access)

OMG this one is AWESOME. I love how Draco has become the hawt bad boy that everyone is crushing on and his reputation, haha. And then, Hermione with her whole “debauch” thing is too funny. XP

“Because, Ronald,” and Harry winced–she only called Ron ‘Ronald’ when her patience was really wearing thin, “a rather large number of people have been very blatant in their pursuit of Malfoy. And Malfoy hasn’t taken a single one of them up on their not-so-subtle offerings of…whatever it is they’re offering.” She arched one brow. “Which means that he’s likely not looking for quick and easy fun with experienced partners, here…he’s more likely going to prey on some poor, shy, inexperienced innocent, and–and–debauch them!” Her voice was rising as she spoke, and it ended on a firm note of disapproval and condemnation. There was no doubt at all about what she thought of Malfoy’s intentions.

They were seated in one of the small study rooms in the library by now, Ron and Hermione on a sofa and Harry in a large overstuffed chair.

Harry buried his face in his Charms book in the hopes that neither of his friends would see his heightened color, and nodded to himself.

Yes. That was what he’d thought.

That Malfoy was intending to do that whole ‘debauching’ thing. Except he’d never have used that particular word. He’d’ve been more likely to just call it Malfoy having his wicked way with someone. Harry considered that point for a moment and wondered guiltily why the whole idea gave him a thrill, no matter which name he called it. He quashed firmly down on the flutter of excitement and tried to feel outraged at the very idea of such immoral behavior.

Oh Harry, you’re so cute! I think I mentioned it before, but I love shy-and-innocent!Harry. *heart*

And then when Draco shows up! Seriously, I was DYING when Draco was having his seduction conversation with Harry (with Hermione and Ron in the background)! And poor Harry, getting all turned on by it and realizing that HE wanted Draco as well as practically everyone else.

“And so,” Ron finally collected himself enough to chime in, his voice sounding loud and strident after Malfoy’s dulcet tones, “you’re just going to seduce some nice, innocent girl into being your…your privately trained sex partner?”

Ron’s question would have been more effective, Harry reflected dimly, still drowning in Malfoy’s eyes, if he’d been able to hang onto that outrage from earlier; as it was, the redhead was sounding a lot more envious than anything else.

So much win, lol. And then the end of the first part! The ear-nibbling! GAH! *LOVE* And then the second part with the notes! The swan folded ones in the beginning! All the nibbling! GAH!~ And then the end when Harry turns the tables!~ *heart*

[Updated October 22, 2010]: I just realized that Olivia Lupin deleted her fics from Skyehawke. Will relink as soon as I find an alternative!
[Updated August 02, 2011]: I fail at remembering to do things! But I’ve finally updated the links, in case you still needed that.

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