[HP – Harry/Draco] Olivia Lupin – Mutual Interest & Worth the Wait

Title: Mutual Interest & Worth the Wait
Author: Olivia Lupin
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete

Mutual Interest (Taken Down)
Worth the Wait (Taken Down)

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Mutual Interest
Worth the Wait 01 | 02

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Oh man, Harry is SO CUTE in this one! I just love shy!Harry, it’s true, lol. But seriously! How can you NOT Harry being head-over-heels for Draco?

“You know, Harry, you keep saying ‘yes’ to me.” Draco had regained a measure of his control and some of the amusement was back in his tone, but his eyes were still intense. “I may take advantage of that fact if you’re not more careful.” Before Harry could respond, he took Harry’s mouth in another kiss, hot and sweet, that made Harry’s knees buckle.

GAH! YES YES YES! Hahaha. Oh Harry, you’re too cute! I keep saying it, but I was totally thinking it throughout the fic! XD

He’d been replaying the events of the evening in his mind, lingering over them, cementing them firmly into his memory. He was trying to decide whether he should chance staying until Draco woke, or whether he should leave before then. Harry’s brow creased in a slight frown. Draco had seemed happy enough to have Harry curl up in bed next to him after they’d cleaned up; he’d even pulled Harry into his arms and slung one arm possessively around him. Harry warmed at the memory; it had felt wonderful, natural, and he’d indulged in the fantasy of pretending that Draco’s bed was his rightful place to spend the night. It had been a sweet fantasy, and Harry remembered it with a wistful sigh. He’d better leave now, though, he thought reluctantly; if Draco woke and was irritated that he was still there–or worse, was cool and dismissive–Harry didn’t think he could bear it.

Oh Harry! As if Draco doesn’t want you! It’s parts like this that get me, lol. Even though we ALL know Draco wants Harry A LOT, Harry’s insecurities just make my heart clench for him! GAH!

After nearly a month, Hermione cornered Harry at work one day, demanding to know what was going on, but Harry just shrugged. He didn’t want to talk about Draco to anyone; he wanted to hug their time together jealously to himself, to keep it private, entirely his, so when the inevitable end came he could grieve in peace.

The truth of the matter was that he was dangerously close to falling in love with Draco, and he knew without question that Hermione would see that immediately if he talked about Draco at all. So he put her off, reassuring her with vague platitudes that he knew didn’t fool her for a minute, but which gave her no recourse to pursue the matter.

Okay, seriously, I love this fic, lol. I need to stop quoting things, but GOD, Harry is just killing me!

…he was painfully aware of the fact that he hadn’t ‘caught’ Draco at all. There had never been any talk between them of any kind of permanence, they just moved from day to day, staying firmly in the present.


“No, I’m not interested in that. And I haven’t ‘caught’ him. He’s…he’s free to do whatever he wants. To see whoever he wants.” The words were stilted, uncomfortable, and Harry was caught off guard at how deeply it hurt to say them aloud.

Pansy walked closer and squinted at him thoughtfully, reaching absently for a handful of grapes. “You really mean that, don’t you, Potter? I mean, you’d let Draco walk away from you in a second if you thought he didn’t want you anymore.”

Harry shrugged noncommittally, and misery flashed briefly over his face, but he masked it quickly. It was another one of Harry’s constant worries; no one had ever held Draco’s attention for very long, and he didn’t expect to be the one to change that. But he had every intention of staying as long as Draco did want him, and of making the most of that time for both of them.

Oh man, poor Harry, constantly thinking that “it’s only a matter of time” and all.. Seriously, my heart was clenching the WHOLE TIME even though we KNOW Draco is gonna be keeping Harry forEVER, haha.

And then there’s the sequel, Worth the Wait, which is in Draco’s POV and that one is even WORSE with the heart-clenching! GAH! I think I like Mutual Interest more than the companion piece, but the sequel is good as well.

[Updated October 22, 2010]: I just realized that Olivia Lupin deleted her fics from Skyehawke. Will relink as soon as I locate an alternative!
[Updated August 02, 2011]: I fail at remembering to do things! But the updated links are up!

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