[HP – Harry/Draco] mizbean – Mr. Brightside

Title: Mr. Brightside
Author: mizbean
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: In which Harry gets drunk and wanders into Knockturn Alley, and boy, what a strange place that is.

Mr. Brightside

Oh Harry..! I love his drunken adventure in Knockturn Alley, lol.

Harry wasn’t much of a dancer. In fact, his failed attempt at the lambada at the office Christmas party two years ago was already the stuff of urban legend, but the musical rhythms emanating from inside were as enticing a freshly opened bottle of gin.

Harry smiled at the big, scary-looking man standing guard by the door.

Thus, Harry learned the number one pitfall of being drunk; it tended to lead one to make unwise decisions. Disregarding the sign taped to the front door that read “Voldemort Lives” Harry stuck out his right hand.

“Hi. I’m Harry Potter.”

The last thing Harry saw before everything went bright white was the big, scary man’s big, scary wand.

Seriously, Harry is such a dork. XP

He raised one of his eyebrows. “Had a little bit too much to drink, Potter?”

“You know, you were much prettier when you didn’t have that stupid smirk on your face.”

Drunken pitfall #2: Drinking tends to lead one to say unwise things.

“Ignore that,” Harry whispered, stumbling to his feet and raising a finger to his lips. “That was a secret.”

Malfoy chuckled. “Oh, you are drunk.”

“No. No,” Harry insisted. “I was hexed.”

“By a whisky bottle,” Malfoy deadpanned. “I can tell.”

And then there was Dickie with his directions, and Harry being stupid enough to come back and ask him multiple times, haha. And then later Charlie showing up..!

“Malfoy?” Harry narrowed his eyes and jumped right into his lap.

“Potter, we have to stop running into each other like this,” Malfoy said in a strangled voice as Harry went to work molesting his ear and neck and…shoulder and… Oh god. He had no idea Malfoy had such soft, delectable skin. Harry’s hand slid down the front of Malfoy’s shirt.

I’m like, quoting everything, it seems, lol. But it’s just so awesome! XP Okay, one last quote…

A wise man once told Harry that it was your choices that made you who you are. So given the option of going back and letting his friends take him home, Harry made the obvious one. He ditched them to search out a man he wasn’t sure he even liked.

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