[HP – Draco/Harry] scrtkpr – Misuse of Muggle Artifacts

Title: Misuse of Muggle Artifacts
Author: scrtkpr
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy don’t know each other as well as they think they do. When a disastrous attempt at courtship results in the shattering of their fragile trust, they still find themselves working together in a rush to protect their secrets, their friends, and their hearts.

Misuse of Muggle Artifacts @ H/D Holidays

I love how the story is revealed in this one! All the things that Draco made and learning their purposes. I totally cringed for Draco SO MUCH throughout this fic because things just weren’t going right for him and I just felt SO bad for Draco when he found out that Harry was giving his gifts away to people. Seriously, poor Draco!

But now he knew. What had seemed like fondness and attraction had been pity. Draco’s carefully chosen and crafted offerings had been tossed aside like junk. And all the while, Potter had been getting his thrills elsewhere, in Margin Alley. They might even have seen each other there, if Draco hadn’t been so weakened, first by his fear, and then by his foolish affections.

Draco wanted to hold onto his anger, to fill himself with it, find strength in it. But it was as if the receptacle of his emotions had been split along with his lip, broken along with Potter’s nose, shattered with Potter’s glasses. He felt completely stripped of power and, now that the first fury had passed, strangely hollow. There was no way he was going to weaken himself further by ever letting Potter know how he had felt.

GAH! And the gifts, they were kind of awesome and Harry is just kind of an idiot, seriously. But then they get together in the end, and that’s just awesome. *heart* And, I especially liked the part with the sleeping mask because it was just hilarious.

“So in fact,” he said with growing delight, “you weren’t spurning my gifts. You were turning them down politely because you were already having an intimate and monogomous relationship with this one.”

Oh Draco, you’re such a dork! *love*

The only thing that I annoyed me was that we never find out what Harry says to Ron! Seriously, I wanted to know! I mean, we know that it’s about Draco since it was implied, but I’m just too curious! LOL! Other than that, I pretty much think this fic is awesome. XP

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