[HP – Harry/Draco, Scorpius/Albus] tomatoe18 – In the Same Boat

Title: In the Same Boat
Author: tomatoe18
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Officially, Draco just wants Hogsmeade to have a bookstore. Unofficially, his son is giving him heart palpitations, so he has to resort to a drastic measure. Unfortunately, Draco’s drastic measure is also Harry Potter’s.

In the Same Boat

This fic is made of win, seriously! I loved Draco’s POV and his reation to the Scorpius/Albus in the beginning. And seriously, cute crushing Scorpius and Albus with their little kisses and hand-holding is SO AWESOME. *hearts*

I loved how Draco came up with the idea of opening a bookstore and is so gung-ho about it, and then finding out that Harry Potter wants to do the same thing is just so hilarious. XD I loved poor Harry with his horrendious public speaking skills and losing out on the building because of it. I loved that Harry decides to woo Draco into hiring him and working together. And then there was the letter from Scorpius to Dracco that was just hilarious, and the subsequent hiring of Harry and how that all culminated to their hot bookstore!sex, haha. XD

And the ending with the kids? Priceless! I especially loved Blaise’s ending line. *heart*

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