[HP – Harry/Draco] mahaliem – From Ashes Reborn

Title: From Ashes Reborn
Author: mahaliem
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Harry and Draco’s relationship didn’t simply die out. It was reduced to ashes. Years later, Draco is teaching at Hogwarts when Harry arrives in search of Fawkes. Can Draco make their love burn bright once more?

From Ashes Reborn

This fic is like a rollercoaster of emotions, lol. It was a little sudden, the Harry and Draco in the beginning, but it worked. And then Harry told Ron and Hermione and the doubts started. =( And then, after the trial, Harry hurting and Draco being relucant and the problems.. Then Harry was with Draco after his Quidditch practice and telling him that he was marrying Ginny and my heart kind of broke hearing what Draco said to Harry and I just knew Harry was going to be rash and he was!

I felt so bad for Ginny when Harry left Draco and Ginny shows up, and how he manipulated her into marrying him so suddenly. Seriously, poor Ginny! And the letter from Draco and Draco probably finding out about Harry and Ginny in the paper and the ANGsT! I can’t even imagine what it had to be like for Draco, confessing in a letter and having that shoved back in his face the next day. =(

I loved Greg the part when Greg tries to reassure Draco. *hearts*

Also, the scene when they’re talking to the centaurs? WIN. XP

But the ultimate AWESOMENESS was Molly and Lucius and that crack that is that pairing! Because, seriously, WTF?! But I admit, I kind of loved it anyway! XD

And there were some awesome lines, like this:

“You know it’s true,” Lucius said, turning on Draco. “Potter was simply lucky that it was your wand he snatched. His luck helped him time after time. If I didn’t know it to be impossible, I’d think when James Potter impregnated his wife, his ejaculate was composed of Felix Felicis.”

And this:

The Dark Lord was not the best of houseguests. He made us prisoners in our own home, disrespected us and our property, and slurped his soup.”

Harry blinked at that, then turned to Draco in confusion. Draco nodded, confirming what his father had said. “It was utterly appalling, the sounds he made. I have nightmares to this day.”

“The Dark Lord was particularly harsh on our beloved peacocks. So many of my lovely birds were slaughtered merely because they existed. That snake of his, Nagini, was particularly deadly, always eating whatever was about. As they had been so horribly wronged, I felt it was only right that they should get their due.”

Clearly this fic is awesome, so you should read it. XP

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