[HP – Harry/Draco] joan_waterhouse – Forgotten Poison

Title: Forgotten Poison
Author: joan_waterhouse
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Forensic Wizard Malfoy and Auror Potter find more than just memories when they return to Hogwarts to give a Career Day speech.

Forgotten Poison

This is so cute! XD I love that Draco is doing Forensics, lol. And also, Benjamin! He was awesome with morbid flirting. I mean, obviously you flirt by talking about rare and dangerous poisons, right? XD

And then there was Harry! I loved that he was following Draco down to the Great Hall and was checking out his ass, haha. XD

He really did not want to talk about what memories being in Hogwarts brought back to him. Besides, what could he possibly say? “Oh, yeah! Remember when you found me crying in the loo and almost killed me? Good times, Potter!” That certainly would keep the conversation going! It was almost as appropriate as “Remember when you went all Gryffindor hero on me and pulled me out of the Fiendfyre even though I was your enemy? Wasn’t it hilarious the way I held on to you? My arms wrapped so tightly around your chest that I felt your every heartbeat. My nose buried in your thick black hair. I remember your smell like it was yesterday …”

He did remember that faint smell of grass and treacle tart as though it had been yesterday, mostly because he had visited that particular pensieve memory only the day before. But he would be damned if he ever admitted that.

Oh Draco, you absolute dork, haha. XD And Astoria looking like Harry was just hilarious. XP

Also, Harry kissing Draco out of the blue = AWESOME. Seriously, Harry was so cute, even after passing out and especially when he woke up, lol. XP

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