[HP – Draco/Harry] winnett – Finding Fritz

Title: Finding Fritz
Author: winnett
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Harry needed a Hero. Draco Malfoy would prove he was just the wizard for the job.

Finding Fritz

GUHHHH! THIS FIC! The opening scene! OMG AWESOMENESS, lol. Especially bottom!Harry. XP Seriously, my favorite is bottom!Harry / top!Draco. *heart* And then the next scene after that, with Harry overanalyzing and just being a dork. XP

I like the idea of Harry owning a pet store. I could believe. Also, I love Fritz, lol. And when Harry finds out that Fritz was kidnapped…! I love how worried Harry is over his Fritz. And Fritz = SUPER CUTE, lol.

Poor Harry, being so embarrassed on the morning after and having a hard time going to contact Draco about Fritz. Good thing Ron was there to help him out! Ron was pretty awesome in this fic, haha. XD

And then there was the morning after the second time, lol. Harry is just too cute with his inner dilemma. XP And his thoughts about “next time” while he’s still on slight denial, haha.

My favorite part of this fic, besides the awesome chapter titles (they seriously were awesome, lol. XD), was the part with the toy car. XDDDD

“Nice, isn’t it?” Draco delightedly looked down on the red Ferrari, a tilt to his head. “I found this in an Alldays. Do you think they make them for little people?” Draco asked, curiously. “I didn’t know that Muggles could see the little people.”

Dumbfounded, Harry could only stare, then something warm kneaded his insides and he struggled to keep the laughter inside. “I don’t know, Draco. Maybe they just took the full-sized car and shrunk it, for easy display purposes.”

Draco’s expression morphed to scepticism. “Harry, I don’t think so. See…” He flipped up the hood. “There are no mechanics in the front. Terrible shrinking job if that’s the case. I think,” he took on the tone of someone explaining the non-existence of Santa Claus, “it is actually a toy.” His voice was filled with such tenderness, like he hated breaking the bad news to Harry, that Harry barely kept his face straight. He blinked, nodding in understanding.

And, in contrast…

Draco squeezed his hand around the car, Harry by his side. He thought it terribly amusing that Harry thought the car was real and simply reduced in size. He added it to the pile of things he found endearing about the other man, though Draco thought it best to keep that to himself. Harry already had enough leverage against him.

Oh Harry and his sarcasm. And Draco, not even catching it and just thinking of his dorky Harry. *love*

Read read read read!

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[HP - Draco/Harry] winnett - Finding Fritz, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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