[HP – Harry/Draco] sesheta_66 – Everybody’s Hero

Title: Everybody’s Hero
Author: sesheta_66
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: With his new job as Deputy Head Auror, Harry is assigned an old task – to watch Draco Malfoy. When threats against Malfoy escalate, Harry finds himself torn between doing what is expected and doing what’s right.

Everybody’s Hero

I really liked this one. The pacing of the story and the characterizations were great. I admit, I kind of had a feeling of who was making threats pretty early on, so I was glad to be right about them. XP

“Only you,” Ron laughed as he settled his pint on the table, “could get paid for participating in your favourite pastime.”

“What are you talking about?” Harry swallowed his mouthful of ale as he tried to work out what Ron meant. “You know I hate security work.”

“Not security, Harry. I’m talking about watching Malfoy.” Ron grinned into his plate.

“That was years ago.” Harry glared at his friend. “Let it go already.”

“Sure, mate.” Ron took a pull of his lager and let out a contented sigh. “You keep telling yourself that.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Sure, Harry had kept up on news of Malfoy. And he might have mentioned an article or two he’d read over the years, but that was natural. He had, after all, saved the man’s life. And testified for him.

Ron shook his head. “You were obsessed then, you’re obsessed now.” He lifted his glass in a mock toast. “And your boss just handed you a gift.”

Oh Ron, being the voice of AWESOME, lol. And Harry being clueless and in denial. Clearly Harry has it made, getting paid to Malfoy-watch. XP

And then it was time to Malfoy-watch…

They continued the tour, and Harry made notes of the weaknesses and potential concerns, not only with security but the materials on site. He also noted the curve of Malfoy’s arse. He chose not to write that down.

Harry is such a dork. XP Not to mention all the unintentional flirting Harry was doing! And then there was the intentional flirting too. So cute, haha.

Also, Pansy’s cameo was love, lol. Getting Harry to think about it and all. ^_~

You’re gay?” Harry blurted out when Malfoy returned.

Malfoy narrowed his eyes as though sizing up Harry and hisquestion. He’d recovered his usual calm demeanour. “Seriously, Potter?” Malfoy looked less annoyed by the question than confused. “We did attend the same school, did we not?”

Harry thought back to Hogwarts. He frowned. “But Parkinson was your girlfriend.”

Malfoy laughed. “She was my cover.”

“Your what?”

Malfoy considered Harry for a moment, like one might consider a child that couldn’t grasp a concept. “How was it that you killed the Dark Lord again?”

“Excuse me?”

“Honestly, Potter.” Malfoy sauntered past him to the storage room. “Did you notice anything that went on around you?”

Harry scowled. “I was preoccupied, I suppose.” He recalled sixth year, and being preoccupied with Malfoy. All year. How had he not noticed?

Clueless!Harry is a favorite of mine, haha. XP

But besides that, what I really liked about the story was how, after it seemed like they got the bad guy and things were going to be fine, there was another twist. The first one they caught, I didn’t consider at all, but the second one as was who I was thinking all along, haha. XP

Lastly, I think it’s awesome that Hermione was trying to bring muggle technology into the wizarding world. XD

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