[HP – Draco/Harry] hollycomb – The Empty House

Title: The Empty House
Author: hollycomb
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: Harry is separated from his friends during the war and stumbles into an empty cabin that happens to belong to the Malfoy family.

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This fic is kinda dark and angst-y, but I love it. The story is just so sharp and raw, and the characterization is just awesome.

Draco blacks out as he crashes to the floor, but he’s conscious enough as he falls to know that Harry will kill him now. Harry’s various triumphs over him flash through Draco’s mind as the end comes: the insult on the train, the stupid Quidditch victories, the house cup going to Gryffindor, the laughter of Harry and Weasley in the Potions Dungeon. Draco understands his purpose in life then, as the last of it trickles away. He was just a foil, meant to be beaten and bested. What a fruitless struggle it had been to try and be anything more than that.

GAH! It hurts so bad, but oh, so good! I just feel for Draco so much in this. =(

Draco can be the last person on earth, but he can’t make Harry be his friend, even now. And now he’s not even a proper enemy. He’s just around, and his skin tastes like something from a dream, indefinable, something Draco doesn’t really have.

And then, the twist at the end, of why they’re trapped in the house.. Ouch, my heart! And the actual end, so painful, but then, you just know that it can’t be any other way (though I wish it could have been!) and how Draco didn’t expect it, but you kind of know, deep down, that he did. ;_;

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