[HP – Draco/Harry] Faith Wood – Corrupting

Title: Corrupting
Author: Faith Wood
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Draco tries to rectify a horrible injustice, Harry corrupts innocent Slytherins, and Ron has nightmares.

Corrupting || PDF

I loved how Harry and Draco were fighting over the lights and them meeting in broom cupboards to have sex. XP And I loved how “kiss my arse” turned into rimming. GUHHHHH! XD

Draco shifted his weight, looking nervous, or excited; it was hard to tell. “Something else else. You’ll like it.” Draco nodded, but wavered quickly. “I think. Maybe not. Never mind.”

Harry’s pulse quickened. This was interesting. Malfoy was unsure about something. “Is it something kinky?” Harry frowned; he sounded much too hopeful.

Oh Harry, he’s so eagar, haha. I love it. *hearts* Harry being turned on by Draco talking dirty and how he just loves everything they do together, hahaha. SO CUTE!

Harry considered that. “I must be an idiot since right now, I want to take you to my dormitory, smuggle you into my bed, and keep you there.”

“Did you say smuggle or snuggle?”

“Um. Which word would make you say yes? I could smuggle you and then snuggle you.”

Draco didn’t answer, just bit his lip, the corner of his mouth twitching. “How rude of you. That would give Weasley a heart attack.” Draco blinked. “Wait. Let’s do that.”

Oh Harry, you’re so smitten. *heart* And then Harry and Draco in the Gyffindor dorms..! And Ron! Hahahaha, so awesome. XP

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