[HP – Draco/Harry] Olivia Lupin – The Clarity of Madness

Title: The Clarity of Madness
Author: Olivia Lupin
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Seven vignettes, the title of each to be taken from Shakespeare’s Hamlet…from the lines spoken by Ophelia in Act IV, Scene V.

The Clarity of Madness @ Skyehawke (Taken Down)

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Rosemary | Pansies | Fennel | Columbine | Rue | A Daisy | Voilets

These vignettes are so lovely. It’s nice to see the relationship between Pansy and Draco in the second one (Pansies) from Harry’s POV; how he’s slightly jealous even when he knows he shouldn’t be, and the dynamic between the three while they hang out. This part at the end is especially nice:

The silence drags out, grows heavy. Finally, Draco says, “Harry. You really don’t have to feel that way. You know that.”

A dull flush rises, and Harry nods. “Yes. I know. I just can’t help it.” He shrugs helplessly. “I’m really sorry.”

Draco sighs. “Harry, I like Pansy. I like debating with her about things; she really challenges my opinions and ideas… she makes me think. I like that.” The passion in Draco’s voice makes Harry look up.

What do I make you do? What is it about me that you like? The words beg to be said, his lips are already forming them, the soft, whispered beginning sound of the first word is already there, but he stops the rest of it and looks back down.

It’s not that Draco won’t answer.

It’s that he will.

And Harry’s not quite sure he’s ready for that. The knot tightens again.

I think the fourth (Columbine) is my favorite though. It’s just so lovely, from Draco’s POV, how he just knows Harry and what he needs.

One of the first nights they’d spent together had been in Harry’s bed; Draco had woken and gone to the bathroom, leaving Harry sound asleep in the bed. When he’d gotten back it had been to find Harry out of bed, sitting in the windowsill, knees against his chest with his arms wrapped around them, staring pensively out at the moonlit castle grounds. When Harry realized that Draco had come back–or, rather, that Draco hadn’t really left–he’d been so surprised, so relieved, so heartbreakingly pleased that Draco had been stunned. “I’d never just leave you like that,” he’d said, and Harry had just shrugged and avoided Draco’s eyes and said quietly, “People do, you know. Leave me.”

That part just kind of killed me! And then how Harry sleeps better in Draco’s bed because he doesn’t worry that Draco will leave.. *sigh* SO SWEET AND ANGSTY! *love*

Draco’s pretty sure that in most of the cases, Harry hasn’t even had time to learn to love the people back: his parents, his godfather, those are the easy examples; Harry wants to love them, he does love them as far as he can love someone he’s never known. He takes comfort in the fact that they loved him while they’d been around, but it’s pretty clear to Draco that Harry’s very aware that anyone who’s ever loved Harry has deserted him. Whether they wanted to or not.

I just love how Draco understands Harry, and how he sees Harry’s vulnerabilities, and just loves him. GAH!

And Ron in the fifth one (Rue)! It’s so nice to see a supportive!Ron, even though he doesn’t like Draco, he’s still trying and that’s awesome. The last line of that one is pretty sweet too. *heart*

[Updated October 22, 2010]: I just realized that Olivia Lupin deleted her fics from Skyehawke. Will relink to her fic journal as soon as I locate the link!
[Updated August 02, 2011]: I fail at remembering to do things! But I’ve finally updated the links!

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