[HP – Harry/Draco] TaraDiane – Chasing Time

Title: Chasing Time
Author: TaraDiane
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: “Happiness is temporary, but joy is not. After everything that your father took from him, we owe it to him to try and give some of it back. The debts that we owe the Potter boy cannot be numbered, and what we took from him cannot be measured, but you will find a way, and maybe then, you can find a little joy of your own.”

Chasing Time

Oh, this fic is so lovely! I love the characterization in the fic and the friendship between Harry and Pansy, which I don’t really see much in fics. But what I kind of love the most about this fic is the Harry/Luna. *heart*

I seriously love Harry/Luna, though I haven’t read much of it, but it’s my favorite het pairing for Harry, lol. After she was introduced for the first time in the books, I was like, “OMG Harry/Luna! It just makes sense!” Unfortunately when I shared that with some RL friends, they were just like, “Uhh.. No.” Some people just don’t get it, I guess, haha.

She understood Harry like no one else ever had, and saw things through a different set of eyes than everyone else did – she wasn’t like Hermione, who had to dissect and know every last detail just to understand something. Luna had an unbelievable amount of faith, not just in people, but in the way the world around her operated and functioned. She wanted for nothing, because she knew that if she needed it, it would be provided by someone, somehow, somewhere. It was why Harry spoiled her so, giving her things she never asked for and taking her places she never asked to go. Harry needed to be needed, and Luna needed him, but without expectation or pressure in the same way that Ginny did. Ginny’s need was…oppressive and stifling. But Luna’s was freeing and liberating, because he knew that as long as he loved her, she would never be disappointed in him even if he made the wrong choice.

Ginny wanted him to be so many different things, but Luna…she just wanted him to be.

I just loved that part of the fic. *heart*

And then there was ‘Ben’ and how he just fit into Harry’s life and how Hary just falls for him and ‘Ben’ resisting because he doesn’t want to hurt Harry.

Seriously, this fic is pretty awesome. And also lovely that it ends on New Years — how appropriate. =)

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