[HP – Harry/Draco] furiosity & pixies – Boys Don’t Cry

Title: Boys Don’t Cry
Author: furiosity & pixies
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: After the eventful Christmas in Harry Potter’s fifth year at Hogwarts, his godfather gave him a badly wrapped package. Inside was something Harry could use it to get in contact should the need arise, Sirius said. Harry resolved never to use whatever it was — he would not put Sirius in danger. When later that year Harry was shown Sirius in terrible danger, he did not think of using Sirius’s last-minute gift. Hermione, however, did. This is the story of what happened after that.

Boys Don’t Cry

O.M.G! THIS FIC IS AWESOME! GAH! I love it so much and, seriously, this is one of those “scrollbar fics”, as I like to call them — fics that are so amazing that YOU DON’T WANT THEM TO END and you’re constantly looking at the scrollbar and wishing it wasn’t going down so fast because that means you’re close to the end! GAH!

I love the twist in this fic with Harry using the mirror and how things played out. It’s such a great twist from the books because it was something that Harry COULD do, but he was too impulsive to think clearly.

The beginning of the fic was pretty awesome, in the “OMG Harry you’re such an idiot that I just want to hit you!” way, haha. I mean, it’s totally in character, but seriously. Sometimes I just want to kick him or something because he’s so DENSE and STUBBORN and THINKS HE’S ALWAYS RIGHT and yeah, haha. It was great though ’cause I could totally see Harry being like that, wanting to run off to the Ministry even though Sirius was safe and everything.

I liked how Harry and Draco got together, haha. The handcuff to the bed thing was kind of awesome, haha, and Harry slipping and saying he wanted to handcuff Draco to his bed after Draco was searching Sirius’ room, lol. The unfucking / uncuffing thing was pretty AWESOME as well. XP

I think I liked the second part that was in Draco’s POV more than the first, lol. Maybe because I just like his voice better than Harry’s. XP But yes, I liked how, after Draco finds out how his father really died, he goes back to his mother and they plan to make Voldemort pay. It’s really nice to see how important family is to them, and to contrast that with Bellatrix and he disregard for family. We got to see the importance they place in family in the books, so it’s nice to see it in fics too. XP

One thing that bugged me was that we don’t know what Harry and Snape were arguing about, haha. I was kind of wondering what it was, especially considering the scene that followed the argument. ^_~ I can’t help being curious, lol. XP

I liked how Harry redeems himself in the end by believing Draco and trusting him instead of thinking the worst of him. And finally, I loved the ending, with Draco offering his hand, though in a roundabout way, haha.

I wish this fic just continued because I seriously need more of this! And, like, I was so close to the end that I HAD to finish reading instead of going to sleep, like I was suppose to. And then I had so many thoughts that I had to get down before I went to sleep! But now I’m done, so GO READ while I head off to bed. XP

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[HP - Harry/Draco] furiosity & pixies – Boys Don’t Cry, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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