[HP – Gen] GatewayGirl – Blood Magic

Title: Blood Magic
Author: GatewayGirl
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry safe, but his relatives are expendable. Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry looking like his adoptive father, but it’s wearing off. Blood is a bond, but so is the memory of hate — or love.

Potions & Snitches | Schnoogle | The Archive

I haven’t read this in a while, but I had the urge to reread it the other day and it was one of the fics I had saved on my laptop while I was internet deprived, so you know. XP Anyway, I had forgotten how freakin’ long it was! I mean, I remembered it being long, but yeah, there were a lot of things that happened that I had forgotten all about, lol. This was actually the first Severitus fic I’d ever read and is probably one of the best, though I haven’t read too many of them. I do really like the idea though — the Severitus Challenge, if you are unfamilar, primarily refers to the concept of Snape being Harry’s biological father. It just seems like such an intriguing idea and I liked the way GatewayGirl executed the concept.

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