[HP – Harry/Draco] softly_sweetly – A Helping Hand

Title: A Helping Hand
Author: softly_sweetly
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Finally doing something about his failing magic, Harry is relieved to find out his illness can be fixed. But an unexpected side-effect might produce some surprising results.

A Helping Hand

What I love about this fic is how it could have gone the super angst-y angle, but it doesn’t. And really, I love flangst, lol.

I like how Harry ignores the problem with his hand until it gets to be a big problem because that’s just so Harry. And then finally, he decides to go see the Healers about it, but he’s all whatever about it, like, “Oh yeah, my hand twitches. And oh, BTW, my magic doesn’t always work” haha.

When Harry finds about about the only solution to his problem, I was kind of like OMG WHAT, but I really liked how detailed the magic to recreate his hand is and all that.

Harry really loved magic. Only in the magical world could he be told he might die, be told there was a cure to help him live, have his hand chopped off and a magical one put on, all in the space of a month, and then be back at work on Monday morning. He liked the fast pace – waiting for the diagnosis had taken far too long, and given Harry far too much time to dwell – and being in and out of hospital in a week had left Harry with no option but to process the changes and acclimatise to them – he didn’t have the luxury of time to second guess his choices.

And then there was Draco. *heart* I just loved the banter between them. And Harry’s hand having a mind of its own, groping Draco’s thigh! GAHHH! XD

“Something’s gone horribly wrong.”

“Really?” Healer Withers put down her sandwich and eyed Harry closely, focussing on his hand. “Everything looks fine to me.”

“It’s alive!”

She paused, looking at Harry as though he were mad. “That’s the point, Harry.”

“No, really alive! It’s doing its own thing… it has a mind of its own!” Harry could feel himself getting hysterical, as all manner of possibilities floated into his head, images of his hand dragging him around seedy nightclubs and Muggle London, his hand insulting his friends, developing a mouth and legs and running away and-

The part where Harry goes to the support meeting and sort of finds someone to ask questions to was priceless.

“So, what? I should do what my hand tells me to do?”

“No, man, you have willpower don’t you? Trust me, the courts won’t take your hand as an excuse – you go talk to old Sparky; he’s doing time in Azkaban for harassing young girls in the street. Some things you just shouldn’t grab in public.”

That conversation was so awesome. XD

Obviously you’re tempted to read this fic, right? GO DO IT! XD

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[HP - Harry/Draco] softly_sweetly – A Helping Hand, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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