[FOB/P!ATD – Pete/Patrick, Brendon/Ryan] Chex – Wanted To Be Your

Title: Wanted To Be Your
Author: Chex
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: Patrick is not going to fail Chemistry. He’s got a secret weapon. He’s also got an awkward crush, but that part isn’t his fault.

Wanted To Be Your
Comment!fic: Brendon/Ryan coda
Comment!fic: Some Ryan backstory
Comment!fic: 1 year later

I love this fic, lol. Patrick’s tone in this fic totally does it for me — the sarcastic awesomeness of it, seriously. *heart* I like how it starts off with Patrick’s conviction on passing Chemistry and how Jon Walker is his secret weapon. The first interaction between Patrick and Jon? AWESOME. XD And then Patrick not knowing who the elusive Pete is and how everyone comes looking for him, LOL. And then suddenly, Pete is EVERYWHERE, WHAT! And Patrick keeps looking like a total loser in front of him! OMG embarrassing much? LOL, poor Patrick!

This description of Pete…

“So what you’re saying is, everybody likes him,” Patrick repeats slowly, “because everybody likes him.”

“Well, yeah.”


Pretty much sums up everything, I have to say. XP

And Brendon, he’s so cute with his semi-crush on Jon! And deciding to tell Patrick about it, OMG, WHAT! And Patrick being all “Oh..kay…?” about it, haha. And, oh, Brendon’s crisis because his girlfriend back home, OMG. And then the package! The careful opening technique! Brendon’s super cute and dorky reactions to what was inside! THAT PART WAS GOLD! And the backstory on how they got together! Seriously, my heart! XD And just, overall, how awkward Brendon is, but so cute at the same time. *heart*

I wish there was more to this world because it is totally awesome.

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