[P!ATD/MCR/FOB – Spencer/Brendon] skoosiepants – The First Rule of Broom-Wielding

Title: The First Rule of Broom-Wielding
Author: skoosiepants
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: “I think Ryan’s dead,” Brendon said, nodding solemnly. “I’m waiting for Frank to stop by, because I don’t want to be the one who finds his body.”

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Unrelated, but the title of this fic reminds me of this really stupid game we played back in elementary school called Broom Over, lol. I dunno, that game was kind of lame yet awesome. XP Anyway…

I love how everyone is connected via the apartment building (and Brendon), lol. Poor Spencer, moving into a crazy place. XP Love how adorable Brendon is and his little dog rat, hahaha. And hobo!writer!Ryan and his crazy romantic murder mystery books, OMG. And thinking that Jon wants to murder him and Spencer thinking Jon pays Brendon for sex, LOL. And then the Pete/Patrick and Patrick calling Bob because Bob fixes things, and Joe, breaking stuff so he can see Bob. Seriously, I just love all the dynamics here, lol.

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