[TAI/JoBro – Mike/Kevin] starflowers – Good Boys Gone Bad

Title: Good Boys Gone Bad
Author: starflowers
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: Kevin, a struggling author of a failing crime series of novels, is shocked to find out that somehow, he has lifted his plots and characters straight from reality, and Wentz, the crime boss, is not pleased with him. If he wants to live, Kevin has to depend on his shaky knowledge of crime story cliches and Mike Carden, a potential Hero In Disguise.

Good Boys Gone Bad

Oh Kevin, he is so ridiculous in this, lol. I love his thought process and Nick being able to take care of himself and is an FBI agent! And Kevin kind of trusting Mike just because of these little things (little things make the difference!).

“Why would you think that, anyway?” Carden asked, after a long moment.

Kevin took a shaky breath and then said with a weak grin, “In the books, it’s always the scary looking, hot guy that you think’s the bad guy who ends up secretly being the hero.”

Carden looked at him again, thoughtfully. “Sorry,” he said, sounding sincere. “Don’t think there are any heroes this time.”

This part was awesome and ridic, lol. Love it. XP

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