[SJM – Kyuhyun/ZhouMi] meiface – Now For Your Weekly Paradigm Shift

Title: Now For Your Weekly Paradigm Shift
Author: meiface
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: Henry is tired of the world shifting under his feet and messing with his head.


Henry’s internal monologue in this is so hilarious, LOLOL. I love how he’s fixiating on the problem between Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun and his attempts at figuring out/fixing the problem.

His voice is really nice, Henry thinks, and then he does a mental facepalm because, no, he’s not going down this road. Henry Lau does not stare at guys’ lips and he does not think that guys are cute and he definitely doesn’t think that guys have nice voices when they laugh. Even if it’s all the rage in Korea, it is not for him. He’s not getting sucked into this.

EVEN IF IT’S ALL THE RAGE IN KOREA, LOLOLOLOL! Henry VS teh epic gay that is K-pop will always be hilarious to me. XP

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