[SJM – Henry/Donghae, Henry/Ryeowook] meiface – Romance for Idiots

Title: Romance for Idiots
Author: meiface
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: The dummy’s guide to winning the heart of someone who liked you anyway, despite “help” from people you should have never asked for help from in the first place.


This is so awesome, LOLOLOL! I love how Henry just brings up his crush on Ryeowook while he and Donghae are having sex and how ridiculously adorable Henry’s crush on Ryeowook is and how everyone tries to “help”.


Ryeowook blinked. “Was that English? Chinese? Oh, was it Chinese! Say it again, slower! I need to keep practicing my Chinese now that we’re back in Korea.”

Ten minutes later, after Henry had painstakingly written the Chinese phrase (ta bú shì ràng wo zuí gao xìng de rén) on a napkin in pinyin and with what were hopefully the right tones above them, Ryeowook met his eyes with a melting look. “Oh Henry.”

Then he said: “You got the tone for zui wrong.”

SO MUCH WIN, LOLOLOL! (It’s okay, Henry, I fail at the tones too! But even I knew that it should be zuì. XP)

But seriously, there is HenHae, which is totally hot, and there is HenWook, which is totally my favorite! What’s not to love?! ♥♥

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