[SJ – Gen] canttakeabreath – Finding Geng (Finding China)

Title: Finding Geng (Finding China)
Author: canttakeabreath
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: Hangeng becomes Hankyung and loses his voice. This is how he finds it.


OMFG THISSSSSSSSSSS! ;_________________; And seriously, all the fucking tears! I love this fic so much! ;_______________; Just from the summary I knew I was in for a major sob-fest and I was definitely tearing up or crying basically throughout this whole fic because it was that good.

His singing is getting really good, and everyone praises his articulation, “you’re losing the Chinese feel to your voice. Good job.”

This line totally broke my heart. ;________; And this:

The thing is, Zhou Mi isn’t just fluent in Chinese—he speaks Korean perfectly. His accent is minimal, especially when he sings with a voice Hankyung never could have contended with had they auditioned in the same year. He calls Hankyung ge and slowly coaxes China back into him, teaching Siwon Mandarin and asking Hangeng what his childhood was like, growing up in a smaller village, away from cities and huge temples and palaces. He wants to know how and where and when and why and Hankyung starts remembering what it means to be Chinese, what it means to sing words he has been able to write since kindergarden, scratching out the character for person in his notebook and seeing a man look back at him. He thinks about all the ways he knows how to turn that person into a story, and all of it involves boxes and pictures and nothing that looks like hangeul.

Everything just feels so real and my heart was trying not to explode from all the feelings and Han Geng is one of my favorites and I was sad when he left SJ, but at the same time, I understood because he is amazing and he deserves to feel important and necessary.

Basically, this fic is amazing and heartbreaking and perfect. I love it!

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[SJ - Gen] canttakeabreath - Finding Geng (Finding China), 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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