[SJM – Kyuhyun/ZhouMi] aerialled – Third Time’s the Charm

Title: Third Time’s the Charm
Author: aerialled
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: In which Zhou Mi is too tall (says Kyuhyun) and Zhou Mi is too smiley (says Kyuhyun) and Zhou Mi makes Kyuhyun’s heart thump in weird ways (denies Kyuhyun) and Heechul is awesome (says Heechul).


This is adorable! ♥

“My mom told me that you were younger, and I had to treat you like a little brother, and be careful when we played. I was little,” Zhou Mi chuckles here,” and I didn’t want to be careful.”

“So you wanted to kill me or something.”

“Noooo!” Zhou Mi lays down, “I just wanted to play without having to worry. So my mom started listing all these stupid reasons why you were younger than me, starting with your name.”

“…my name,” Kyuhyun echoes, and slowly lowers himself until he’s lying next to Zhou Mi.

“Yeah,” Zhou Mi answers, and picks up one of Kyuhyun’s hands, tangling the fingers with his own, “She said that you had two ‘earths’ in Gui, and there was a sideways two in Xian, and an ‘again’ in Xian too, so everything pointed to you being second.”

“…that makes no sense,” Kyuhyun says, and turns his head away because he’s pretty sure his face is getting increasingly red as Zhou Mi plays with his fingers.

“I thought so too,” Zhou Mi agrees, “So I told her I could make you bigger than me, and I put a ‘big’ in Gui, and it turned into Kui,” Zhou Mi lets go of Kyuhyun’s hands, and sits up and shrugs. “So you’re Kui Xian!”

This is the most ridiculously adorable explanation for Kuixian, LOLOLOL. ♥

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