[P!ATD/TYV – Spencer/Brendon/Ryan] jocondite – When There’s Nothing Left to Burn

Title: When There’s Nothing Left to Burn
Author: jocondite
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: “I’m just saying,” Brendon says. “I don’t see why we’re wasting time and gas on this. Dude, this is not your problem anymore. This is the definition of ‘not your problem anymore.'”

When There’s Nothing Left to Burn

This was really good. The thing about post-split fics is that they’re inherently hurt-y and sometimes I like that and this was definitely hurt-y. I liked how real the bickering is and how they just know what to say to hurt each other. And then there’s Spencer with his “Pollyanna plan” and it just kind of sucks because my heart breaks whenever I think about Ryan and Spencer not being BFFs. Then there was the end, the last paragraph — that kind of just brings home the hurt of them not being friends, but it was perfect.

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