[P!ATD/TYV – GSF] softlyforgotten – So Tonight That We Might See

Title: So Tonight That We Might See
Author: softlyforgotten
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: In which there are adventures and reunions, of a spacely sort. AU

LJ | AO3

I kind of love this fic, A LOT. *heart* I love space!AUs like whoa and I love competent!Brendon being a pilot and Spencer being a captain. XD But what I really love is the history of the characters and how that affects their interactions, that Ryan and Brendon were slaves and that kind of changes how they see things. I also love that Pete was the computer, lol. XP But yeah, I loved Brendon and how he just goes for things he wants despite his history. I loved Ryan’s and Spencer’s anger toward each other and how Brendon pointed out how similar their “plans” for avoiding each other were. And really, Spencer and Ryan thinking alike just fits because they grew up together, they made decisions together, and even though they’re different, best friends are alike in a lot of ways as well. And they were both jealous and it was just so poignant and I kind of loved it, even though they were just so stubborn. XP I kind of loved the chase scene the best, with the meteor dodging and Brendon and Ryan working together on the controls because that was just awesome. *heart*

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