[P!ATD/TYV – Ryan/Brendon, Spencer/Brendon] softlyforgotten – Like This

Title: Like This
Author: softlyforgotten
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: “And if other people die or fall in love they do it when I’m not there.” — E.M. Forster

LJ | AO3

Oh, this fic breaks my heart, but it does it so subtly. =( It’s so hard because it’s told in Spencer’s POV and everything is so limited to what he knows, and really, all the telling conversations aren’t happening with Spencer there. It was such a rude awakening for Spencer to find out about Ryan-and-Brendon and knowing that it’s been going on for so long, and how he’s been in love with Brendon forever and my heart just went oh. And when Ryan said that Brendon was pretty good at not letting it affect the band or whatever, I didn’t even know what to think. And like, it wasn’t central to the story, but when Spencer said that Brendon was his best friend? I kind of died a little inside because I hate that Ryan and Spencer aren’t BFFs. =( I mean, I’m still kind of sad about breaking up with my BFF in elementary school, but it’s just so easy for a big misunderstanding to break up best friends — and you know, it’s always hurt-y and both parties are just generally pissed forever and ever at the other (yes, I admit I totally am still even though I’m sad about it as well) and to think that Ryan and Spencer aren’t best friends anymore kind of kills me. =((((

But yeah, when Spencer kissed Brendon and Brendon had an “Oh” moment and I was a little scared, but happy for Spencer. And then there was the whole Ryan outburst and I didn’t know what to think and the next day.. And them putting Ryan to bed and I wanted to know what Ryan and Brendon were saying, but we just didn’t know, and the morning after.. My heart, oh my heart. =( The open ending kind of kills me because GAHH! =(

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[P!ATD/TYV - Ryan/Brendon, Spencer/Brendon] softlyforgotten – Like This, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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