[P!ATD/TYV – Brendon/Ryan] softlyforgotten – We Were Heading for the Sea

Title: We Were Heading for the Sea
Author: softlyforgotten
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: “Across the kitchen table, I fired several rounds, but you were still sitting there when the smoke cleared.” – Ani Difranco

LJ | AO3

O.M.G. This has to be one of the best post-split fic EVER. Seriously, it hurt so much, but it was so good. Seriously, it kind of broke my heart. I was reading this on the train and I had to keep myself from tearing up because how awkward would that have been? XP

But yeah, I hated how aloft Ryan was and how asshole-ish he was and how he just acted like he didn’t care and I was totally with Brendon because seriously, WHAT!

One of my favorite parts:

“Seriously?” Brendon laughed, short and surprised. “I’m too much of a coward for that. I was lying there thinking, holy shit, it’s a bear and like, trying to work out what to do if it got in the house. I’m thinking I’d go up on the roof? But then, I’m pretty sure bears can climb, so maybe that’s not such a good idea.”

“Yeah,” Ryan said, and frowned. “Is it bears who are scared of water?”

“No, they go fishing and shit,” Brendon said. “Even if they were, though, I don’t think jumping in the bath is going to stop one if it wants to eat me. Anyway, then I got up and Googled for a while and bears don’t come near here, so that was cool. But I still couldn’t sleep. And now I won’t be able to sleep tonight, fucker, why’d you let me nap?”

But seriously, Ryan, acting like everything is okay, but still being a douche in interviews and I don’t even know. I mean, I wasn’t really following the drama after the split, but I vaguely remember some things and the little bits mentioned in passing here are enough to piece it together. And then the releasing songs on the same day — OMG seriously?! I didn’t even know that happened, but seriously, that is so fucked up! Such a petty thing to do, GAH!

And then there was the angry!sex and then the conversation after. OMG, that conversation. I’m glad that Ryan was in love — I had thoughts, but I wasn’t sure and it was so hard to tell. And then him saying that they could fix things and I was thinking, No, it can’t be fixed! and I’m kind of glad that Brendon stood his ground and said no, even though that broke my heart when he said it! Seriously, I am still heart-broken about the P!ATD split, I’m not gonna lie, I understand for the most part because I didn’t really like Pretty. Odd as much and yeah. I dunno, lol. I still want them to get back together deep down though, I’m not gonna lie. At least the end of fic gave me a little home, right? XP

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