[P!ATD/TYV – Brendon/Ryan] softlyforgotten – But I’ll Stray

Title: But I’ll Stray
Author: softlyforgotten
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: “I thought we stopped doing this.”

LJ | AO3

Oh, this fic just makes me so ache-y. =( Everything about it, it just feels so real and, like, if they were actually together, I could imagine that it was totally like this. I just love the little details, how Brendon just can’t resist and how he wants and how he regrets it the next day because he’s in love and it’s so subtle here and it just made my heart clench, seriously. And Ryan, god, Ryan is such an asshole, and the little mentions of the past, how their relationship was, oh oh. And the ending, OMG, so hurt-y, but a hint of hope and I kind of needed it. And, like, I stopped following bandslash around the end of ’08 so I don’t really have much context for this fic, except seeing the posting date and knowing it was a few months before Ryan and Jon left and I can imagine the strain they were going through at the time and this was probably the perfect fic for what was happening then.

And, okay, fics like this make me crave post-P!ATD split fics with them trying to fix their friendship because its bound to be angst-y (which is awesome if done right).

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[P!ATD/TYV - Brendon/Ryan] softlyforgotten – But I’ll Stray, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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