[P!ATD – Ryan/Brendon] zarah5 – Strictly Business

Title: Strictly Business
Author: zarah5
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Cruel Intentions meets Romeo & Juliet meets the summary of a Mills & Boon novel. Consider yourself suitably warned and be prepared to suspend your disbelief.

Strictly Business

So at first I was gonna skip reading this fic because I wasn’t sure about the summary, but then I realized that I was gonna skip a Zarah fic when I like basically everything else I’ve read from her?! And so I read, haha, and yeah. Awesome, as always. XP I loved how the fic begins and the initial interest. Then, finding out that Brendon was a Urie and coming up with his stupid plan, and Jon and Spencer going along even though they knew it wouldn’t end well. =/ And, okay, in these kinds of fics, you already know that the shit will hit the fan eventually and you go through the fic wondering, is this it, is this the moment, and that never really goes away when you’re reading, lol. And of course Ryan falls for Brendon, and of course Ryan is in denial at first, and I knew when it was about to come and GAH! It wasn’t as hurt-y for me as usual, but I think it was because I was expecting it another way (seriously, half the time these types of stories have the big reveal b/c they were interrupted during a hot make-out at on the desk! And yeah, I was totally expecting that at first, lol), but it was still hurt-y and I just felt for both of them! GAH! But I’m actually happy with the ending, so there is that. XP

So basically, I kind of loved the way Brendon and Ryan fell for each other, and I totally love the Spencer/Shane happening in the background because that was just too cute for words. XP That Spencer text message at the airport? Totally one of my favorite parts, HAHAHAHA. XP And Ryan, that romantic with the trip to Paris? SO AWESOME. And the draft of the song? Kinda killed me, haha. So much greatness… *heart*

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