[P!ATD/FOB – Brendon/Patrick] beingothrwrldly – Photo-Proofed Kisses

Title: Photo-Proofed Kisses
Author: beingothrwrldly
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: He thought, maybe, this year would be different.

Photo-Proofed Kisses

This is so cute! I love Patrick and Brendon and their voices were perfect. Love Brendon flirting with his salad and his smooth romantic moves and just everything. ♥

He shakes something out of the box into the palm of his hand, and he looks close at them. “Um…hold on.” He pokes at them, tiny chalky hearts in his hand, and he grins and picks one out, handing it to Patrick. “Okay, here.”

Patrick holds out his palm and Brendon drops the heart into his hand. Patrick flips it over and squints at it. “Be mine,” he reads, and he looks up at Brendon. “You’re so romantic.”

“I know, right?” Brendon leans back, grinning, popping one of the hearts into his mouth and crunching on it. “Fuck, these are gross, dude, don’t eat it, okay? It was the sentiment, don’t eat it.”

Seriously, how is Brendon this cute?! XD

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