[P!ATD – Ryan/Spencer] softlyforgotten – Will Possess

Title: Will Possess
Author: softlyforgotten
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: “I’ve known him since I was six,” Ryan says and Jon laughs softly and says, woah.

LJ | AO3

I’m not really a Ryan/Spencer fangirl — I prefer Ryan/Brendon and Jon/Spencer in general (and now, apparently Spencer/Brendon) — but there’s something kind of awesome about Ryan/Spencer. I think it’s the whole best friends forever thing because I am sometimes a sucker for that. XP What I love about this fic is the tone throughout, how Ryan wants but it’s not totally obvious. I loved the conversation with Jon and the misunderstanding. Love those boys making fun of each other about Gilmore Girls and sneakers and how everything is just so normal. I love the boys fighting when they were in high school and how Ryan remembers, of course he does, and the reason and the dancing. I love that Ryan got embarrassed and ignores Spencer and thinking about Brent’s phychology class and rearranging his posture. And finally, I love how they fall into each other, how it’s not really a big deal, but just something that happens and it’s perfect and amazing and just how best friends turn lovers should be. *heart*

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