[P!ATD – Brendon/Spencer] parcae – An Unpardonable Manner of Style

Title: An Unpardonable Mannerism of Style
Author: parcae
Rating: R || Status: Complete

“Jesus Christ,” Spencer says, and stabs his fork into his lettuce. It doesn’t help any. “How the fuck do you misplace a five-liter bottle of copper solution? Especially if it’s five-molar copper solution — the shit is bright blue, Ryan, it’s bright fucking blue.”

“I know, Spencer, I have in fact seen a copper solution before,” Ryan says dryly, has a bite of his sandwich.

An Unpardonable Mannerism of Style

This is adorably awesome, haha. I love that Spencer and Brendon are chemists — it works perfectly here. I love their nerdiness, it’s so endearing (I love nerds, I can’t lie). And OMG, the last line! SPENCER WAS PROPOSITIONED USING THE PRINCIPLES OF MATTER, I cannot lie, I kind of died laughing in the best way. NERDY PICK-UP LINES ARE MY DOWNFALL, YO. I love them SO SO SO much! I used to have nerdy pick-up lines posted on my wall, okay?! So the ending was beyond awesome. ♥♥♥

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[P!ATD - Brendon/Spencer] parcae - An Unpardonable Manner of Style, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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