[P!ATD – Spencer/Ryan] softlyforgotten – Shadows of Echoes of Memories of Songs

Title: Shadows of Echoes of Memories of Songs
Author: softlyforgotten
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Zack says, “I thought you guys couldn’t get any more irresponsible! And then one of you went and got tinified!” Also, there are footnotes.

LJ | AO3

O.M.G. THIS FIC. It totally killed with with it’s AWESOMENESS! I mean, Spencer turns into a six year old and it’s hilarious and sweet at the same time. I was reading this at 12:50AM and dude, I was trying my hardest NOT TO CACKLE and it was SO HARD! And, gosh, chibi!Spencer is so endearing, he really is! Observe:

“That man was being scary,” Spencer mumbles against Ryan’s neck. “But I told him to stay away from you, don’t worry.”

Ryan says, “The scary – wait, Brendon?” He stops to giggle for a moment, somewhat hysterically and because he can’t think of what else to do. Brendon looks torn between annoyed and impressed and Ryan reaches up to smooth a hand over Spencer’s hair, and tells him quietly, “Brendon’s not scary, Spence.”

“He’s really big,” Spencer whispers, voice wobbling dangerously. “I don’t know who he is.”

Ryan hesitates and then says, “Spence? You know I’m kind of big now, too?”

Spencer pulls back enough to give him an unimpressed stare. It is freakishly similar to the kind a normal sized Spencer would give him. “Well, yeah,” he says, in a pointed, bored voice, “but you’re Ryan.”

Seriously, OMG! Chibi!Spencer, you slay me!

“Ryan?” Spencer asks. “Are you wearing a flower scarf?”

Ryan pauses, and looks over at him. Brendon is watching them both with an increasingly wicked grin spreading on his face. Ryan hesitates for a moment and then says, “Yes?”

“Okay.” Spencer crosses his legs and watches Ryan for a while, head tilted to the side. Eventually, he offers up, “You know girls wear flower scarves, right?”

For a moment, everyone is quiet, and then Brendon cracks up laughing, almost rolling off of the bed. Ryan glares at him; he’s starting to think Brendon is all too delighted with the whole situation.


And, okay, little Spencer DANCING and wanting to play the drums and OMG how can you not be charmed?!

“BOOM!” Spencer declares, and then, “Ryan, what’s a whore?”

Ryan sits up straight in his bed, hopelessly awake and furious now, too. “What?” he snaps. “Where did you hear that word?”

“Brendon said it,” Spencer tells him, beaming. “In his song. And then all the – all the peoples watching you screamed. Brendon’s a good dancer,” he adds, thoughtfully.

OH SPENCER! And Ryan, OMG, he is probably SO HORRIFIED because little kids, they totally repeat what they hear and like, Ryan wrote that, LOL.

And Jon, OMG JON! Taking a bazillion pictures, documenting it all with dates and descriptions! Seriously, TOTAL WIN!

Mostly, though, Spencer just follows Ryan around like a small shadow, and Ryan remembers how Spencer used to be, how he looked after Ryan, even though Ryan was older. He’s doing it now, and Ryan wonders vaguely if maybe he’s been doing it all along.

So cute, how Spencer is still trying to take care of Ryan. *squishes him*

And lastly, the footnotes? TOTALLY MADE OF WIN! They were so awesome, I am in awe. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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