[P!ATD – Ryan/Brendon] zarah5 – Second Sight

Title: Second Sight
Author: zarah5
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: Ryan doesn’t think Brendon has missed more than two episodes of Spencer’s show in the last year, usually making himself comfortable in Ryan’s office while they listen and Ryan keeps track of the time so as not to be late for the news at one, his last round for that shift. Ryan’s always just assumed that Brendon’s a tiny little bit in love with Spencer. Most people who listen to the show on a regular basis are.

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Oh, this fic! Spencer really stole my heart in this, even though he wasn’t exactly the main character, lol. I love that Ryan misunderstands Brendon, thinking that Brendon is in love with Spencer because it’s just so obvious to him, haha. (And, okay, sometimes it felt like he was, but really, Ryan is a bit dense here, haha. XP) But really, I just love everything about this, especially the fact that they work at a radio station, haha. And of course Pete has to have a webcam installed in Brendon’s studio, which I find hilarious. XP I loved that Brendon was kind of obvious, but not obvious enough, and I love his little gestures and him telling the world that he’s in love with Ryan and it’s just so cute and sweet and awesome.

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[P!ATD - Ryan/Brendon] zarah5 – Second Sight, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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