[P!ATD – Spencer/Brendon] jocondite – Pluck All Your Silly Strings

Title: Pluck All Your Silly Strings
Author: jocondite
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: “A handful of states allow gay marriage, right?” Spencer says, scribbling something feverishly in the margins. “California recognises same-sex marriages made out of state now. Next time we go through one of states that have it, this coming tour –”

Pluck All Your Silly Strings

OMGosh! When I figured out the premise of this fic, I was already in love! I mean, it started out with Spencer doing the taxes which lead into the “Oh, we should get married” direction and how can you not want to follow that? Seriously, it’s kind of one of my favorite tropes, HAHAH.

I love Brendon sweet talking their coffee machine and how he just goes with Spencer’s idea at the time because of course he does, and then THIS:

Spencer pushes him. “Walk faster, we’re going to be late. That legal thing, remember?” He waits for a moment, then sighs. “The tax thing. Come on, keep up.”

“Wait,” Brendon says. “Wait, what?”

“We said we were going to have our friendship legally recognised.” Spencer raises his eyebrows at him. “You still want to, right?”

He looks kind of hopeful and kind of impatient, and the way he says it is kind of a challenge, so Brendon says “Sure, sure,” because trusting Spencer has never led him wrong before; not when it comes to the big, important things. He’s learned better than to trust Spencer when it’s something more like ‘dude, that’s totally avocado, I don’t think it looks like wasabi, put the whole thing in your mouth.’

Loved this part so much, haha. Especially the legalizing friendship line and the avocado/wasabi bit. *heart*

And then THIS bit:

“Where the fuck have you been? You should’ve texted me, assholes, if you were going to disappear, not just left a message with Ian.”

“We had to go get married,” Brendon says, and shrugs. “Love takes precedence.”

“Yeah, be mysterious.” Zack rolls his eyes. “Soundcheck, duders, you’re late.”

I’m a big fan of when someone tells the truth and everyone thinks they’re joking in stories because it’s awesome, so this totally made my heart scream with glee. XP

But yes, I love how domestic Spencer and Brendon are — it’s so cute. And then Pete and Ashley being the marriage Borg, LOL, and Spencer being “kind of married” and Brendon and Spencer sharing secret looks. *heart*

And when it all gets out, OMG. The articles and the PICTURES — nice touch. LOVED IT. Seriously, what the cuteness is this?! WHY WASN’T THERE MORE? THERE SHOULD TOTALLY BE MORE, but it’s pretty awesome as-is. (But really, I want more for when they finally decide to get with the “romantic” part of the marriage, you know. ^_~)

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[P!ATD - Spencer/Brendon] jocondite – Pluck All Your Silly Strings, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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