[P!ATD – GSF] zarah5 – Perfect Symmetry

Title: Perfect Symmetry
Author: zarah5
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: “Actually, yeah,” Brendon says. “That’s kind of what I wanted to talk to you about. I’m. Thinking of doing a solo album.”

Perfect Symmetry

Okay, I’m not really into GSF as a general rule, but there’s just something about Panic! that makes me want it. And even though they had a break up last year, I still love them, though it brings me nostalgia now that I’ve jumped back into reading some old P!ATD fics. XP But yeah, this fic just brings that into focus because it’s a little old, before they split in real life, yet it’s a different type of split and it just kills me. The pain in the beginning and how they just separated from each other and the hurt they have and how Brendon calls and that sparks it all.

I love that they were all still pining and unwilling to give up. I love that they spontaneously hop a flight to Berlin because Brendon called, because they need to fix things. I love how it wasn’t easy and all the misunderstandings, and them learning each other again, because really, a foursome is just bound to be problematic. And, as a last note, I felt SUPER bad for Mark in this. He he totally got shafted and those boys were just so rude to him and he totally didn’t derserve it.

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