[P!ATD – Spencer/Brendon] jocondite – This Paint-By-Numbers Life

Title: This Paint-By-Numbers Life
Author: jocondite
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: You get where you’re meant to be.

This Paint-By-Numbers Life

The backstory of this was pretty hurt-y, I’m not gonna lie, but I could just imagine how they split early and this could have been them if they did. It’s funny how Spencer and Brendon hooked up and Spencer thinking how familiar he was and I wasn’t sure what to expect on how they knew each other and then the next morning when it came out and I was a little shocked, haha. I liked how unsure they were together, how it was casual but something even though they didn’t want admit to anything. And then there was Spencer going to LA and meeting Ryan again and how awkward is that, meaning someone who was your best friend but haven’t really been in touch with, you know? Like, only talking occasionally on Facebook — I can totally understand because we’ve probably all experienced that, being Facebook friends who occasionally write on each others walls, but once upon a time you were good friends IN REAL LIFE, lol.

Surprisingly, my two favorite bits didn’t even include Spencer/Brendon (which has become my new love, I have been converted!), but it was Ryan and Ryan with Z, lol.

Ryan eyes him sideways, but doesn’t say anything. “You’ll meet her, I guess,” he says, tapping his gloved fingers against the wheel. “She’s really – she’s great. She’s in a band, actually. We’re thinking of making it Facebook official.”

“Facebook official,” Spencer says blankly, and Ryan shoots him another look, past the great bug-eyed sunglasses. Someone blares their horn at them.

“Yeah,” he says. “I mean, okay, it’s kind of limiting for anyone who looks you up, but we’ve pretty much decided.”

“Careful, you don’t want to rush into anything too binding.”

Ryan blinks solemnly. “You might be right. How’s your love life going?”

Seriously, totally hilarious! Especially how Ryan takes it so seriously and yeah, I’ve joked with my sister about how things aren’t “official” unless it’s on Facebook, lol, so yeah. XP

“I love the smell of charcoal in the morning,” she says, and then her huge dark eyes, made huger by the faded traces of last night’s eyeliner, open wider still. “Oh shit, Ryan, the s’more ones?” she asks, tone stricken. She grabs the box, and shakes it fruitlessly upside down. “All my pretty chickens and their dam? You couldn’t burn the blueberry ones?”

“The kitchen gods demand the finest sacrifices,” Ryan says, hanging his head. “I had to appease them.”

“When will the burnt offerings cease?” she asks tragically of the ceiling, setting the box down. Ryan nuzzles at her neck, pressing his lips to the round curve of her shoulder where his shirt is sliding off.

Seriously, this was just so cute and precious. =) I loved how they watched Spencer cook for them in awe too. *heart*

Lastly, the ending! It was great and open, but seriously, why is there not more to this fic?! XP

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