[P!ATD – Brendon/Spencer] Charli J. – Outerspace for Non-Believers

Title: Outerspace for Non-Believers
Author: Charli J.
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: To Spencer it just feels foreign.

Outerspace for Non-Believers

This fic was wonderful. I love the feel of it and the progression between Spencer and Brendon. There were just so many moments and scenes I loved here that I can’t even name them all or else the whole fic would be here, lol.

Ryan never just tells Spencer the plot. He always wants him to read the books or see the movies himself. He likes to be able to get other people’s opinions, ask about interpretations so he can match them against his own. He doesn’t like ruining surprises and twists. It was like that when he started writing lyrics, too, never just told Spencer what he meant. Ryan always asked what Spencer thought a song was trying to say, hoping to get Spencer to help him fill in the blanks and choruses. It’s one thing to learn how to finish someone’s sentences, but feelings are different. These days Ryan doesn’t really do it that way so much anymore, even if he won’t quit with other things.

Anyway, Spencer has never been the biggest fan of piecing together metaphors. He can help come up with ideas and vote for or against written words put in front of him, but getting from that first place to the other is the problem. All Spencer’s own poetry would be second hand at best. He says what he means so he doesn’t have to worry about writing down the truth later.

I think this was probably my favorite little snippet. It’s not Brendon/Spencer, but I just love how it depicts the differences between Ryan and Spencer, and how their friendship kind of works. I don’t know, it’s just goregous.

Also, sidenote: the photo that was the prompt? Amazing.

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