[P!ATD – Ryan/Spencer] zarah5 & softlyforgotten – A Most Brilliant Dance

Title: A Most Brilliant Dance
Author: zarah5 & softlyforgotten
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: A lot of truths have been universally acknowledged. A Pride and Prejudice AU.

| AO3

Okay, so I kind of love Pride and Prejudice and even though Ryan/Spencer isn’t my first choice for P!ATD couple, I can cope, okay, because the idea of Pride and Prejudice reinacted with P!ATD was just too tempting, you know? XP And dude, I kind of love this. I liked how it was close enough to the story, but still unique enough and different. The idea of Spencer as Elizabeth and Brendon as Jane is just awesome. The Jon/Brendon was just so cute and fluffy and my heart broke for Brendon when Jon. =( And then there was Ryan, being jerk-ish, but oh his feeling for Spencer and I kind of ached at the inevitable confrontation. And then there was Frank and his awkward proposal and oh that boy and his crush-ness on Gerard and how sweet and awesome that is, and really, this fic is just too much for words. *heart*

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