[P!ATD – Spencer/Brendon] untappedbeauty & disarm_d – May Be Naked Now

Title: May Be Naked Now
Author: untappedbeauty & disarm_d
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: One day, Spencer finds some weird flowers outside the venue, and leans over to smell one.

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OMG SEX POLLEN FIC! Seriously, sex pollen fics are like, crack, okay, because it’s generally a weird mix of OMG SECONDHAND EMBARRASSMENT and OMG HOT PORN, lol! (And, as I’ve already established, I have such a huge secondhand embarrassment squick it’s not even funny!) But this fic is a little different in that it’s primarily from Brendon’s POV (instead of Spencer’s) for 3/4 of the fic, so less secondhand embarrassment for me and more OMG HOT PORN to enjoy. XP And dude, the sex, it was so hot and then suddenly there was angst! When Brendon thought that it was their last time, oh, my heart! And, okay, I admit it, as much as I liked the hot sex, I kind of loved the last part the most, when Spencer was trying to make up for everything and everything is angst-y and then sweet and cuddles. (Don’t judge me!) And the ending, lol, awesome! ♥

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[P!ATD - Spencer/Brendon] untappedbeauty & disarm_d - May Be Naked Now, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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