[P!ATD – GSF] ignipes – Manifesto

Title: Manifesto
Author: ignipes
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: It’s never a good idea to believe everything you read on the internet.


This fic is hilarious! If I quoted my favorite parts, the whole fic would be here, seriously! Therefore, I shall restrict myself to just the most awesomest of awesome parts. XP

“Jon also thought ‘Charlie the Unicorn Goes to Candy Mountain’ was convincing,” Spencer reminds him. “I thought we agreed not to let Jon be our filter of truth for things found online anymore.”

Jon shrugs, completely unconcerned. “You never know.”

“Actually, I think if anyone would know, it would be us.” Ryan snaps his phone shut and rolls over. He’s trying to look smooth, Spencer can just tell, but Ryan’s Unfortunate Awkward Stage is probably going to last until he’s forty or fifty at least, so he ends up falling off the edge of the bed and tumbling to the floor.

Oh boys! *heart*

“Elmer’s glue,” Ryan declares, beaming at Spencer with unmistakable pride. “You’re Elmer’s glue. The Elmer’s glue that holds together the multi-colored construction paper of our lives.”

Jon nods in agreement. “Sticky, white, water soluble and edible. That’s our Spencer.”

Spencer stares at him. Jon doesn’t even crack a smile.

Seriously love them all in this. XD

Because, Spencer quickly reminds himself, Jon is a pervert. He’s got the sweet, charming aw-shucks-boy-next-door routine down to an art, but in reality he’s a dirty old man trapped in a hot young guy’s body. Spencer suspects there’s also a crazy cat lady trapped in there, so it must be kind of crowded, but the point is: dirty old man.

Love how Spencer’s brain works and that Jon is a dirty old man / crazy cat lady, lol.

“Once we had a pillow fight that turned into a pool fight.”

“My mom still reminds me about her ruined pillows every time she makes a bed,” Spencer mutters. His mom doesn’t even care that it was all Ryan’s fault three pillows, two blankets, and an entire sheet set ended up in the pool, because his mom loves Ryan more than she loves her own firstborn son. She always gives Ryan the soft, gooey chocolate-chip cookies and makes Spencer eat the crunchy, overcooked ones.

This = WIN. I don’t even know how a pillow fight can turn into a pool fight, LOL. XD

“It’s nice to see you haven’t forgotten the vernacular of your internet stalking youth.”

OMG YES, LOL. So funny because I was just showing my sister the other day Ryan’s totally stalker ways. XP

“You send the smiliest emails in the entire world, even when it’s entirely inappropriate.”

“I do not!” Jon insists, but he looks a little shifty.

“Do too,” Spencer says. “They’re like the emails that would happen if the computer mainframe at Disney World spontaneously developed an artificial intelligence and began aggressively forcing its cheer and good will toward men on every networked computer system across the globe.”

“I do not,” Jon insists. He crosses his arms stubbornly over his chest. “And wow, way to make smiley faces sound really creepy, Spence.”

THIS = personal canon, f’reals yo. XP

Okay, I’ll stop quoting now (even though I want to quote MORE) and just say that Ryan and Brendon having a flame war = WIN. And Brendon bursting into the room and the casual (simultaneous!) dinner and sex conversation is kind of the most awesome thing ever. Also, best last line, EVER.

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