[P!ATD – Brendon/Spencer] Chex – Last Night I Dreamt an Emo Kid Loved Me

Title: Last Night I Dreamt an Emo Kid Loved Me
Author: Chex
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: “We’re going to have the classiest wedding ever, Spencer.”

Last Night I Dreamt an Emo Kid Loved Me
Comment!fic: MOOSE!
Comment!fic: Brendon’s ringtone
Comment!fic: Present!

It’s official, Spencer/Brendon is my new OTP, f’reals. I still love Ryan/Brendon and Jon/Spencer (first loves, you know), but Spencer/Brendon is just where it’s at. I loved the dialogue and how Brendon was joking-but-not-joking about getting married to Spencer and asking for suggestions regarding their wedding, lol. And how everyone kind of goes along with the not-joke and sometimes, we can’t tell if Brendon and Spencer are joking or not — though I’m sure they probably couldn’t distinguish as well, haha. And Keltie! She was so awesome with her video-playing skillz and going along with Brendon and Spencer and OMG moose at the wedding! Ice sculptures! Seriously, what! And Brendon’s seduction technique and how Ryan totally ruined it, but it’s okay, it worked out. BUT! BUT! Brendon, he totally broke my heart, you don’t even know! And, okay, Spencer kind of interrupted him, but if I was Spencer and I was gonna pop the question and my man said something like what Brendon said, I probably wouldn’t want to listen to the rest either! At least things worked out in the end, yo! CUTE CUTE CUTE! Also, all the comment!fic additions just make me SMILE. XD

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